The Gems of The Forgotten Age

An assassination mission from the Monastery

After spending a few weeks in the cloister, the party gathers its things and prepares find and assassinate the Goblin King, a rather large ogre that has been making trouble for the monks.

Hirschle is now a Neophyte in the Path of Light. He now has entry-level knowledge of the faith, which includes training in alchemy and the four recipes specified last time. He also knows how to turn any non-hostile Path of Light followers friendly. He now desires to better himself and his comrades so that a brighter world may come.

You now each have two sunrods, a week’s worth of trail rations, and anything else missing from your adventurer’s kit.

The party now has a map of the swamp. This grants anyone who uses it a +4 bonus to Nature checks for navigational purposes while in the swamp. You need to decide who will carry the map. Whoever carries it will walk at the front of the group and make the navigation checks.

Hirschle is given 300 GP worth (I got alchemy and rituals mixed up last time; this overrides what I told you) of alchemical compounds and a Bright Jewel of il-Yannah. This is considered a +2 Holy Symbol (affects attack and damage rolls). On a critical hit, it does 2d6 extra psychic and radiant damage. It may only be used by one who walks the Path of Light. Its daily ability: On a critical hit with a radiant power, the target is stunned.



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