The Gems of The Forgotten Age

Attacked by bullywugs!

The party hid in their canoes as Bones made his way around the goblin village, stabbing mooks in the back, picking pockets, and generally engaging in thievish hijinks. Suddenly, Doria disappeared beneath the water. After a brief skirmish, most of the party was dragged by a group of bullywugs to their lair. Rhogar swam after them, and with a little help from Doria, slaughtered them and rescued his unconscious friends.

Among the bones of the bullywugs’ last meal, they found a suit of eladrin armor, which Barah claimed for himself. After blocking off the route deeper into the lair, the party left.

When they returned, they found a grinning Bones, whose purse seemed a bit fatter than usual. He informed them that the Goblin King was going out bullywug-hunting first thing in the morning.



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